Being a Digital Curator

Digital Curation for educational purposes in the age of Web 2.0 is much like weeding a garden, eradicating dandelions like Wikipedia to reduce “content overload”  (Johnson, 2013) and creating spaces for worthwhile plants like government or university publications to flourish.

A foreseeable issue with this is that if all of the unreliable content is alreadyDigitalLiteracy-1ff0y3s weeded out, how will educators allow students to learn for themselves how to differentiate reliable sources and information from untrustworthy websites and authors?

This skill is highly conducive to becoming a life-long learner, and subsequently educators must once again consider moving towards a more collaborative education structure, allowing students to take on increasing responsibility in not only their learning but the educational planning of said learning.
Encouraging students to take on the role of digital curator as well, either individually or collaboratively will provide them with learning opportunities to become digitally responsible (Johnson, 2013) and to investigate the various sources of information available online.

In my investigation of Pinterest as a potential learning resource rather than a teaching resource as I have previously utilized it, I created a sample board for students displaying an emerging interest in bees. My reasoning for curating this topic through Pinterest was that students would be able to investigate the topic more broadly and collaborate with each other and their educator on which direction they would prefer to scaffold their learning through project work, with inspirations for songs, dances, gardening, art and poster based work.

Upon reflection I am considering that it might be better to collaboratively curate such boards with the children rather prepare them in advance as part of the lesson plan, and just leave it up to the safety systems on school computers to block out inappropriate content, which was one of my earlier reservations about using Pinterest.


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